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Blue Water Highway is an Austin-based folk rock band known for their soulful three-part harmonies, thoughtful songwriting, inventive arrangements, and live performances that are just as captivating and entertaining as their albums.


The band consists of childhood friends Zack Kibodeaux and Greg Essington, alongside Catherine Clarke and Kyle James Smith. They take their name from Zack and Greg’s working class, coastal hometown, and the highway that runs from the mouth of the Brazos River to Galveston, TX.


Additionally, they’ve made three full-length albums blending modern and traditional sounds to create something timeless and familiar, yet fresh and original. Their most recent album is Paper Airplanes, produced by Cason Cooley. They are currently working on their most ambitious project to date, a self-produced album entitled, Year of the Dragon, due in 2023.



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Blue Water Highway's “Dog Days” is a nostalgic Americana single perfect for wrapping up the summer. With classic rock overtones and a Steve Miller-inspired guitar groove, the song encourages us to go out, to live and to just go do you.
Laura B. Whitemore - Parade
Powered by resonant keyboard washes and percussion brush strokes, “All Will Be Well” is a propulsive track that speeds up to a consistent jog, recalling the earnestness of AM Radio of the 70s while sporting modern textures worthy of Top 40 radio.
Rey Roldan - American Songwriter